Smart Plug WiFi / LTE

This is where the Internet of Things begins


External temperature and humidity sensors




Compatible with  Aplikacja IFTTT

Smart Plug WiFi / LTE with temperature and humidity measurement via optional external sensors

Intelligent connection

The Smart Plug SP1 can make ordinary devices connected to the Internet of Things. The socket communicates with the UbiBot IoT Platform in the cloud via WiFi or mobile network*. A user himself can set parameters such as operating mode, time and switching on of the connected devices to create intelligent scenarios.


* Depending on the specific model purchased

Automation in industry, agriculture, greenhouses and home

Remote control of devices

Smart Plug SP1-4G supports WiFi and mobile network connections. It transfers data to the Things cloud platform in real-time. After logging in to your account, you can configure your Smart Plug, check its status, change its mode of operation, set the rules of alerts. All this can be done remotely at a time and place convenient for you, using the UbiBot APP program or through a web browser. Optional temperature and humidity sensor, sensor CO₂ or wind speed sensor connected to SP1 socket will allow you to automate its operation.


Automatic and remote control of the Internet of Things 

External sensors expand automation possibilities

The SP1 intelligent socket is equipped with two interfaces for connecting additional sensors (supporting RS485 protocol and DS18B20 temperature sensor). It gives powerful possibilities of system configuration enriching the product with new usage scenarios. Fully automatic, self-controlling devices allow meeting the automation needs of even the most demanding users.


Additional sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2 and wind speed can be connected

Electrical plug adapted to local standards

The Smart Plug SP1 comes in many versions allowing power supply from the mains and connection to an electrical socket in various standards, for example, European or American. Each model complies with the quality certificates in force in a given country, ensuring safety and stable operation.

Smart plug French standard socket
France, Poland, Czechia
Smart plug European standard socket
Germany, Korea, Spain, Russia
Smart plug international standard socket
International standard
China (except Hong Kong and Taiwan)
Plug in Australian standard
Australian standard
Australia, New Zealand
Plug in American standard
U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, China, Brazil, the Philippines, Colombia
Smart plug British standard socket
United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, the U.E.A., Maldives, India

New international safety standards

Child-safe design

Prevents children from accidentally inserting metal objects such as keys


Material resistant to high temperature and flame up to 750℃

Fire-resistant material housing for high fire resistance and more excellent safety

SP1 housing meets modern international safety standards

Connect your devices to the Internet of Things

The smart plug UbiBot® SP1 can work with the IoT data platform using a wireless WiFi connection or a mobile network*. Remote control of the socket is possible through the UbiBot application installed on a smartphone, tablet or through any browser on your computer (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.).


External sensors and Smart Plug cooperating via Internet of Things

Technical specifications

Material Maximum current
Flame retardant ABS + polycarbonate 16A

Size and weight


Length: 64 mm
Height: 117 mm
Width: 35 mm

iOS 11+, Android 8.1+, or Windows 7+, or OS X v10.8+


Internal memory

None, only the LED None

Integrated sensors

WiFi information

none, only the possibility of connecting UbiBot external sensors with mini-jack plug

WiFi channel width: 20MHz and "Auto" mode

WiFi security: OPEN mode, WEP and WPA/WPA2
Note: WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x / RADIUS authentication) is not supported

WiFi channels: 2.4GHz band (802.11 b/g/n), channels 1-13

(note: the 5GHz WiFi band is NOT supported)

Operating conditions Mobile network

Operating temperature: -10°C to 60°C

Operating humidity: ≤80% RH

SP1-4G only: GPRS and LTE; nano SIM card slot

Power supply


110–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Only for device configuration: BT4.2, BT & BLE

Maximum power consumption Ethernet cable (RJ45)
3.5kW @220V±10% / 1.7kW @110V±10% -


Device settings: The minimum synchronization interval of the device (data transfer to the server) is 1 minute.

Types of alarmsSupport for push notifications in applications for smartphones and tablets, e-mails, text messages and information by phone calls. The alerts can be triggered based on recorded values from sensors and the state of the network or power supply (e.g. in case of connection loss or power failure). All notifications are sent automatically from the UbiBot IoT Cloud.


① The precision of the sensor may be subject to slight fluctuations in use due to environmental conditions, layout, etc. Please refer to the operating instructions for details.

* Depending on the model purchased.

⚠️ The devices are not waterproof.



You can use Smart Plug UbiBot® SP in agriculture, industry, storage, smart home and other places. It can help control crops by controlling the irrigation system, supervise warehouses for constant temperature and humidity by managing the ventilation and temperature control system. Users can remotely monitor and automatically control in real-time conditions in their home, office or workplace. The wide range of external sensors available allows you to create different scenarios of operation through integration with the Internet of Things through the publicly available IFTTT platform.

Automatic control of greenhouse conditions
Greenhouse automation
After connecting an external temperature and humidity sensor to SP1, the collected data can be used to control temperature and humidity by switching on/off the thermostat or humidifier for intelligent environmental control.
Automatic lighting control in rooms
Lighting control
When you connect the lighting equipment to SP1, the power-off can be intelligently controlled based on data from the MS1 intelligent motion detector. It eliminates energy wastage. Additionally, thanks to external temperature and humidity sensors, users can monitor the state of the environment in the warehouse.
Control of conditions in cellars and storage rooms
Ventilation control
After connecting the ventilation system to SP1, it is possible to set cyclic ventilation of the room, e.g. every 2 hours for 10 minutes. Using an external temperature sensor, the user can precisely control environmental conditions, e.g. in a wine cellar.
Automatic control of Smart Home
Home control
SP1 can automatically control the power supply of other devices, e.g. by switching them off after 2 hours. It allows controlling lighting or automatic blinds cooperating with lighting sensors of UbiBot WS1, WS1-Pro and GS1 data loggers.
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