Reading of temperature, humidity and lighting measurements via the Internet

Why use the UbiBot® IoT Platform?

Monitorowanie czujników Ubibot
Service Oriented
The UbiBot IoT Platform lets you monitor all your UbiBot sensors in one location. It also allows you to connect other devices and to create your own services using our open API.
Zdalny monitoring czujników
Accessible Worldwide
With worldwide connectivity, you can monitor your devices and data from anywhere, at any time and use our custom alerts to receive notifications wherever you are.
Przesyłanie danych do platformy Ubibot IoT
Free Data Upload
We will never charge you for uploads to the UbiBot IoT Platform. As long as you have storage available, you can upload as much data as you need.

A powerful platform for every use case

Fully flexible access to our IoT platform

Our RESTful API is free to use and lets IoT developers create their own apps. Sign up to one of our plans to get all the storage and outbound traffic you need. The data always belongs to you and we promise unrestricted access via our platform.

Aplikacje IoT dla deweloperów

Simple device management

Everyone who buys a device from UbiBot gets access to our IoT platform. View your data, create visualisations and manage custom alerts, all without the need for any expertise. Even better, every user gets 200MB of storage and 1GB of outbound traffic for FREE!

Zdalne zarządzanie rejestratorami Ubibot

Plans to suit every user

Our plans are affordable, and we have a plan to suit every user, from those with a single device to power users with hundreds of devices.


$0.00 credits


$5.00 credits

$10.00 credits
$20.00 credits
$40.00 credits
$80.00 credits

UbiBot Free Plan

200MB Storage
1GB Outbound traffic

UbiBot 1G

1GB Storage
5GB Outbound traffic

UbiBot 2G

2GB Storage
10GB Outbound traffic

UbiBot 3G

4GB Storage
20GB Outbound traffic

UbiBot 4G

8GB Storage
40GB Outbound traffic

UbiBot 16G

16GB Storage
80GB Outbound traffic


Pricing plans are at device-level. Take the free plan as an example. The free 200MB storage and 1GB outbound traffic is for each device. If you have multiple devices, each of it will have 200MB storage and 1GB outbound traffic. 200MB storage is for lifetime and 1GB of outbound traffic is rotated monthly. But any balance of the outbound traffic will not roll over to the next month. For example, if you have 500 MB outbound traffic unused this month, you still have 1 GB next month.

Additional Features and Services

The Ubibot Platform offers multiple value-added services, giving you a convenient and flexible use experience. Note that voice call and SMS text fees depend on the network operator and region of your recipient number. Please click View Details to check the corresponding fees or download the full price list CSV fill here.



*A maximum of 20 alert rules can be added to each channel

Command Data Forwarding IFTTT 

AutoSync  Google Sheets

Email① App HTTP Voice call / SMS② FREE 1 credit/month③ Getting Started 1 credit/month per device
FREE FREE FREE From 0.03 credit/ call 
and 0.02 credit /SMS


① Threshold of 200 free alert emails per device per month is rotated monthly (If you own 10 devices, you would have 2000 free email sends per month). Overage costs 3 credits per thousand email alerts sent.

② The voice call and SMS text alerts might be blocked by the operator when alerts are sent in high frequency to the same phone number within a short period of time. This depends on specific operators and fees are charged accordingly.

③ We offer 3 times free trial data forwarding services for new UbiBot device. Each trial is valid for 24 hours. Monthly fees will be charged if you would like to continue with this function. Click here to learn detailed configuration steps.

*The credits in your account can be used to pay for any UbiBot platform services, including monthly plan fees, chargeable alerts and outbound traffic renewal, etc. The credits can not be exchanged to cash or transferred to others. 1 credit equals to 1 USD.

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